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First GramLight 57Xtreme SP-Spec for FRS/BRZ in US

These are the first FR/ BRZ/ GT86 fitment to hit the US. This customer worked with our sales guy Sean ( ext. 226) to make his GT86,  a thing of history. Although the wait period of these Gram Light 57Xtreme SP-Spec’s  was seven months, the owner says, “They were worth the wait!” We posted pictures of these 19×8.5 and 19×9.5 wheels, last week, on our Facebook and Instagram feed. They got a huge response, due to the fact that most people were wondering if we knew, there were pieces cut out of the wheels? The wheels are rare because of the extra machining, that aids in weight reduction. We think it just makes them look bad ass!

Tell us what you think of these rare wheels, in the comment section below or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.








This post is posted on Thursday 25 July 2013.
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