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Project Ford Focus ST Product Development in High Gear

Been a bit on the updates of our Project Ford Focus ST, but we have been very hard at work.  Like all cars, the best thing to start with is the intake and exhaust.  So first on our list was the intake system.  Now the turbocharged Focus could always use some more air flow to increase power.  The intake system is designed in a very direct manner from Ford.  Airflow comes into the intake box from the front bumper small openings.  It then travels through a MAF sensor tube to behind the engine cover, and finally connects to a turbo inlet pipe directly to the turbocharger.  This last connection is ovalized and restricts down the airflow.  Generally when designing a factory replacement intake kit, you would to retain the MAF sensor pipe diameter while improving airflow.  For this we chose to keep the diameter of the intake pipe the same however continue its modularity with the separate turbo inlet pipe, while reducing the restriction.

Utilizing a K&N cone air filter, we designed the air intake box to pull air from the factory inlet off the bumper but also via the open space that the engine has.  With a heat shield and filter cover, the filter is able to provide the turbocharger with more air directly.  Though some will argue the difference of “hot engine” air compared to a true cold air intake, test show using thermo couplers that the IAT’s are a minimal difference outside to inside of the plastic factory intake.  Dyno testing, the intake had very consistent torque and horsepower gains through the peak of the RPM band of 3700 to 6000.  Averaging about 10hp and 10ft/lbs of torque, the intake made almost 13 wheel horsepower at 5300 rpm.  The intake kit pictured and tested is the prototype, however the finished product will be available in wrinkled black powdercoat or other customer finishes.  Stay tuned for more updates as we show off our turbo back exhaust system, lower intercooler piping, and more!

View all our Ford Focus ST parts here.

This post is posted on Monday 22 April 2013.
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