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Project Ford Focus ST Debuts at Vivid Racing

What started nearly 12 years ago with a Subaru WRX has evolved in a way we could never imagine.  Following the bell curve of cars as our business grew, we have been fortunate to work on and drive many cars that could be included in others “dream car’ category.  But we came to the point where we realized, “How many Millenium Falcon exhausts will we really sell.”  So with the recent success of our Scion FR-S project, we decided to focus on another tuner type car like how the Subaru WRX launched Vivid Racing.  A Project Car should be a vehicle that is a pure expression of our business.  This car is to be used for marketing and R&D while establishing a rock star like following.  Utilizing our in-house fabrication facility, CNC machine shop, dyno, and a decade of experience, we are proud to announce our newest Project Car – 2013 Ford Focus ST.

Why a Ford?  Well if you have not sat in one of these yet, then you will see this ain’t your Grandpa’s F150.  On it’s 3rd generation, the Focus has for years had huge popularity in Europe from its Rally background.  With the hard drive forward of extreme athletes racing Ford vehicles in rally, drift, rallycross as well as a hand full of viral videos, the Ford brand has reached the attention of the tuner market.  The seperation of domestic and foreign tuners/drivers has been broken down with this latest vehicle.  It probably helps that this EcoBoost Ford Focus ST has a 252 horsepower and 270 ft/lbs of torque.  The EcoBoost technology is designed to deliver power and torque consistent with larger engine displacement naturally aspirated engines while achieving approximately 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than these same engines.

Being turbocharged, this makes a perfect platform for a tuner vehicle.  It has the perfect combination of price, power, and styling.  The interior features super comfortable Recaro branded seats with strong bolsters.  Plenty of room in the rear seats for passengers and a boot lid to take your groceries home or haul your track wheels.  Its has more electronics going on then a space shuttle.  The Microsoft SYNC feature is unique and if you are taking a hard corner and want to call a friend, just grab the SYNC paddle on the wheel!  The shifting is smooth and tight and all the trim makes you feel like you are in a car that deserves more than the $30k price tag.

Ultimately, like cars before this one, we are going to tear her down, build parts with our sister company Agency Power, and show what this Ford Focus ST is capable of.  From billet parts to handling parts, exhaust parts to induction parts, we plan on creating a full product line that will be highly desired.  Stay tuned to our official Project Ford Focus ST gallery here and shop all Ford Focus ST parts here as they are added.

This post is posted on Friday 22 February 2013.
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