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Scion xB Gen 2 Stance with ESM Wheels and KSport Coilovers

This super sick Scion xB comes from one of our own around here.  When we go film all of our sweet Vivid Racing Videos, this xB is always near by with equipment.  So instead of looking like a box, it now has a super flush look to it.  The first addition to the generation 2 Scion xB was the KSport Kontrol Pro coilovers.  Providing adjustable ride height and dampening, the KSport coilover is a great intro system to get the improved look and handling.  The xB was lowered as far as it could be without compromising to much function.  The biggest change comes from the old school German tuning style wheels of ESM.  ESM specializes in these 1 piece cast wheels targeted to the rebirth of the old school crazy.  Whether its a E30 BMW or a new Scion, ESM brings in the style.  ESM has several different styles available ranging in sizes from 15-18 inch.  The style featured below is the ESM-002.  Its throwback 80′s mesh style has drastically changed the look of this Scion xB.  The wheels were done in a 18×8.5 and a 18×9.5 using a 5mm H&R rear spacer in the rear.  The wheels were then wrapped with Yokohama S Drive tires in a 205/40/18 and a 215/40/18.  Next up are some VIP aero mods!  Check out all the ESM Wheels to appear on our wheel catalog here.

This post is posted on Wednesday 9 January 2013.
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